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Welcome to TICC's Designs

ticc's shop of handcrafted creations...

Site Map
At TICC's Designs, my mission is to provide my customers with the highest level of excellence in my products. I
believe that by taking risks, it encourages growth and new discoveries. Remaining positive and looking ahead will be essential
in achieving my goals. 

TICC's Designs is a home business started in October 2007 offering a variety of products to all individuals. I

have been providing products to family, friends and individuals for over 20 years.


My home business was started to offer products at an affordable price. I provide a variety of crafts along with beautiful hand
crochet afghans, candles, jewelry and many more items for sale. As time goes on my site will provide much more items for sale.
Thank you for taking time to visit my site and all suggestions are welcome. 
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